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    Importing your dream car can only be a dream for some!! But at CBS we have ensured that your Dream comes true.


    Buying a car online is fun and an experience but clearing from the Port and having to transport it to your desired city is a daunting task for small dealers and individuals who lack the experience.. At CBS with tons of experience and know how we have mastered the art and we pass on all that learning experience towards taking away the hassle and issues that you may face when you import your own car from Japan , UK or Singapore.


    CBS recommends that all customers importing vehicles destined to Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Congo, Lesotho and Mozambique use Durban port rather than Dar es Salaam.

    • Using Durban Port you avoid driving your un-serviced car through bad terrain in Tanzania and Zambia.
    • With CBS your vehicle is moved on a car carriers with Goods in Transit Insurance.
    • CBS clears volumes of vehicles and have competitive rates that are passed on to the end customer.
    • Avoid any uncertain storage costs in Nakonde, Beit Bridge Border.
    • Arguably faster than driving through Tanzania and Zambia.


    Just follow the steps below.

    • Once you receive a copy of Bill of Lading (BL) from your supplier forward it our representatives via email.
    • Our Office will advise you of Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA).
    • Make payment and send original BL to our offices.
    • Avoid any uncertain storage costs in Nakonde, Beit Bridge Border.
    • Once cleared our offices will coordinate the estimated delivery date to your country. (Approximately within 2 to 3 working days your vehicle is dispatched.)